Migration Then & Now: The Bible & Borders

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With so many people around the globe migrating, including at our own borders, how should Christians and the Church respond? Where do we begin to understand a faithful response to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers? As evangelicals, we start with the Bible.

This Nationals Association of Evangelicals (NAE) webinar explores an ancient and biblical perspective on migration. Walter Kim, NAE president, and Daniel Carroll Rodas, professor of biblical studies and pedagogy at Wheaton College and Graduate School, discuss Scripture as it relates to migration and how the Scriptures should inform a distinctly Christian approach to this complex issue.

This webinar also includes a policy update from Christine Sequenzia Titus, NAE policy director from November 2021. If you want updated policy news, join us for the 2022 Evangelical Convening on Immigration on March 28th at 2 PM Eastern Time.

Watch the webinar here:

This webinar was hosted by the NAE and originally posted on their website.

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