Join the Evangelical Immigration Table for our January 2021 Virtual Conversation Series each Thursday at 1pm ET. Throughout the series, we will discuss a variety of topics related to a biblical view of immigration and ways the Church can engage.

Join us for some or all of the following conversations, and check back for more details soon!

January 21: Evangelical Priorities for Immigration Policy in the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress – 

As a new president and a new Congress are sworn in, we’ll hear from evangelical leaders who work in D.C. about where they see opportunities for public policy changes consistent with biblical principles. We’ll then hear from a bipartisan lineup of policymakers, responding to our concerns and discussing how their own faith informs their approach to immigration policy.

January 28: Faith, Work, Economics and Immigration –

While immigration is certainly a biblical concern, it’s also an economic issue, and as the U.S. struggles to emerge from a pandemic-fueled recession, many within our congregations are asking how immigrants fit into the U.S. economy. We’ll explore that question with economists, theologians and business leaders.

If you missed a session and want to view it now, click here.


January 7: Discipleship in Politically Polarized Times – 

In our first session on January 7, we hosted a conversation with Christian scholars exploring what research tells us about how evangelical Christians think about immigrants and immigration, then heard from pastors and church leaders on what the Bible says and how churches can engage these important but contentious topics from a distinctly biblical perspective.

You can watch the session here:


January 14: The Mission on Our Doorsteps – 

As immigration to the U.S. seems likely to increase in the coming years, the church has an opportunity to obey both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission through ministries to and with immigrants. We explore new opportunities for churches to engage through refugee resettlement, fostering unaccompanied children, church planting and evangelism and a host of other ways, then have a conversation on how U.S. Christians can help address the root causes leading many to make the difficult decision to leave their homelands.

You can watch the session here:

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