Over the past decade, the Evangelical Immigration Table has hosted a series of convenings, inviting evangelical leaders – representing evangelical denominations, parachurch ministries, Christian colleges and seminaries and influential churches – to gather together to learn from one another and from experts in the intersection of immigration and faith.

This year, the Evangelical Convening on Immigration will take place in Houston, Texas, a city that is home to nearly 700,000 immigrants and to many vibrant evangelical churches.

We’ll gather to hear from thought leaders who have reflected deeply on how our Christian faith should inform the U.S. church’s response to immigration, from policy experts who can provide updates on the current policy landscape, from local leaders who are leading vibrant ministries to and with immigrants in Houston and from immigrants themselves, including many who are brothers and sisters in Christ. And we’ll have time to discuss and learn from one another.

Our goal is to spur one another on as we seek to respond faithfully to the challenges and opportunities of immigration. We hope that you’ll join us!

Specific details on exact time and location for this event will be sent via email at a later date after registering.

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