January 2020 Prayer Partner Email: Let’s Tell a Better Story

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Dear friends,

At a time when our nation seems uniquely polarized by political disagreements and rhetoric, conversations about the topic of immigration can sometimes feel divisive.

As Christians, though, while we may disagree on the details of immigration policy, we can be united in recognizing that immigrants are people made in God’s image, whom God loves and whom His people are called to love.

At the Evangelical Immigration Table, one of our primary goals is to help Christians re-orient their discussions about immigration from a political conversation to one focused upon people, recognizing immigrants’ contributions to our churches and our communities. We want to highlight the ways that local churches are being transformed as they embrace – and are embraced by – newcomers to their communities.

Toward that end, several months ago we launched a blog that lifts up the stories of how local churches are serving and being served by immigrants within their local community. We call it “Telling a Better Story.”

Recent posts include the following: In Colorado, a congregation has grown to now includes roughly 100 Karen Burmese refugees. Seminary student Norma Ramirez explains how her faith has intersected with her experience as a DACA recipient. A Baptist leader from Texas describes how churches in Austin have embraced – and been blessed by – immigrants.

I’d invite you to read (or, in some cases, listen to) these stories and, as you do, pray that God would be working through churches throughout this country to welcome and stand with immigrants, that the people of God would earn the reputation as those who care for the vulnerable – and that as we do, immigrants would continue to form an integral part of the church in the U.S.

We’re always on the search for additional content, so if you or your church has a compelling “better story” to tell, please see our blog submission guidelines.

In Christ,

Matthew Soerens
National Coordinator, Evangelical Immigration Table

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