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Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to be featured on the Evangelical Immigration Table’s blog, “Telling a Better Story.” Please note the following guidelines as you consider a submission to our blog:

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Evangelical Immigration Table is to encourage evangelical Christians to think about and respond to immigration issues (including, but not limited to, undocumented immigrants, refugees, victims of human trafficking, and other uniquely vulnerable categories of immigrants) in ways consistent with biblical values.

While the Evangelical Immigration Table does advocate for changes to public policy consistent with our Statement of Principles, we issue statements on policy issues from the leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table and do not generally use the blog as a place for policy analysis.

As the name of the blog, “Telling a Better Story,” suggests, the primary focus of our blog is on highlighting stories, including but not limited to individual testimonies from immigrants, the stories of local churches who have been transformed by welcoming, serving, and advocating for and with immigrants and reflections on how particular biblical passages or principles have been applied by a local church or ministry. We want to lift up the positive ways that both immigrants within local churches and those reaching out to immigrants are living out the gospel. Blogs should inspire and challenge readers to lean into the biblical commands to love, welcome, and advocate for and with immigrants.

While we actively welcome writers from diverse denominational, geographic, and ethnic backgrounds, all content should be written fromthe perspective of and for an audience committed to an evangelical expression of the Christian faith, while being mindful that pieces will likely be read by those who do not necessarily share our faith commitments.

Word Count: While not all blogs need to fit the same mold, we generally aim for blogs to be between 400 and 800 words long.

Videos: We also accept video submissions, whether to complement or in lieu of a written blog post. We will consider video submissions as short as 30 seconds and as long as 5 minutes or longer. Professional videography is encouraged, but often videos captured with a smart phone can suffice. Please make sure the audio of all video submissions is clear.

Photos: Photos related to the content of the submission are welcome as well, but to respect copyright laws, please only submit a photograph that you took personally and which you are willing to allow us to utilize without compensation.

Byline: Please include within your submission a one- to three-sentence biographic statement, including your title and any church or institution with which you are affiliated. Please note that all blogs include a disclaimer that “The views shared represent the personal views of the author and not necessarily the views of the Evangelical Immigration Table and/or all associated individuals nor of any institution with which the author may be affiliated.”

Citations: Whenever possible, please use hyperlinks to credible sources to provide references for any specific quotation, statistic, or other information that you reference.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit all blogs; if there are any proposed changes made to what you have submitted beyond simple proofreading corrections, we will send them to you for your review before posting.

Promotion: We’ll notify you in advance of whether we will be able to run the submission and, if so, when. We would be grateful if, once your blog posts, you would help to promote it, including via your personal and/or institutional social media accounts, email list, etc.

Cross-posting: We will consider blogs that have been posted on other sites with the consent of the original source.

Compensation: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any compensation for guest submissions at this time.

Submission Process: Please submit guest blog posts as a Word file to info@evangelicalimmigrationtable.com. Video files should be submitted to the same address via Vimeo or YouTube links, which we will embed onto the blog if accepted.

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