May 2019: Praying for families this National Day of Prayer

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May 2, 2019

Dear friends,

On this National Day of Prayer, we at the Evangelical Immigration Table wanted to highlight some new resources that we hope you find useful as you pray for immigrants and for immigration reform.

Last week, the Evangelical Immigration Table unveiled six new short videos and a free e-book, Thinking Biblically about Immigrants and Immigration Reform. I wanted to highlight a particularly timely video, focused on why, as Christians, we believe immigration policy should place a high priority on keeping families together.

Families, after all, are not just a human institution: they were God’s idea at creation, and they form the fundamental building block of society. All of society benefits when marriages are held together and when children are able to be nurtured by both their mother and father. When immigration policy arbitrarily removes a parent from their children or separates a marriage, the negative effects reverberate well beyond that single household.

With news reports of consideration of a return to some version of last summer’s policy that separated thousands of children from parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, and with proposals being discussed that would potentially restrict opportunities for family reunification that are part of existing U.S. immigration law – it’s as important as ever that we think and respond in ways that highlight the biblical value of families. We encourage you to watch this video, share it and read more about why we believe family unity should be a priority by downloading our free new e-book.

We’d also ask you to pray with us:

  • That God would watch over families and keep them unified
  • That God would grant wisdom to elected officials as they consider changes to U.S. immigration policies that would impact family unity
  • That the Church’s witness in the world would be one that consistently speaks to the value of families

In Christ,

Jenny Yang
Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, World Relief

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