Evangelical Leaders Praise Reintroduction of Afghan Adjustment Act

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Washington, D.C. — With bipartisan members of Congress having reintroduced the Afghan Adjustment Act today, evangelical leaders have sent a letter to members of Congress urging swift passage of the bill.  

In the letter, the leaders note that the Afghan Adjustment Act presents a significant opportunity for Congress to provide a safe haven for Afghans paroled into the U.S., by allowing them to apply for permanent legal status. Churches, community organizations, and church-based volunteers have generously given their time and resources to ensure their Afghan neighbors felt welcomed into their communities. But they also have witnessed the stress caused by their immigration status uncertainty.

The full letter is available here. The following are quotes from leaders of Evangelical Immigration Table organizations: 

Myal Greene, President & CEO, World Relief:  
“In the nearly two years that have passed since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, World Relief has partnered with churches and communities to help resettle thousands of Afghans who fled persecution. Americans of all backgrounds have eagerly welcomed Afghan neighbors. The Afghan Adjustment Act is an opportunity for Congress to convey the American public’s commitment to Afghan parolees by allowing them to apply for permanent legal status, relieving them of the fear and stress associated with living in legal limbo.” 

Walter Kim, President, National Association of Evangelicals:
“Afghan allies risked their lives working alongside our troops and aid agencies, pursuing peace and freedom after years of violence and oppression. When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, we evacuated these allies to safety in America, where they are already contributing to their new communities. Now we need to keep our promises and do our part by granting them a secure pathway to the permanent status they should have had from the beginning.” 

Liz van Zyl, Vice President of Government Affairs, Bethany Christian Services:
“For nearly two years, the future has remained uncertain for tens of thousands of Afghans–including many who risked their lives and the lives of their families–seeking refuge in the United States after their home country fell to the Taliban. The reintroduction of the Afghan Adjustment Act in Congress is a critical step that will put to rest much of the ambiguity and stress Afghans have endured since arriving in the U.S. as they will finally be able to apply for a permanent legal pathway while being fully vetted. We urge swift passage of this bipartisan bill and will continue working alongside our partners to serve vulnerable children and families looking for safety.” 

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