Documentary Film Explores Biblical Response to Immigration

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October 16, 2014

HOUSTON— The Stranger, a documentary film that looks at immigration from a biblical perspective, screened Tuesday at Pleasant Hill Ministries. The film highlights the stories of three families who are caught in our broken immigration system. It is available for download via

At a panel discussion following the screening, local evangelical leaders spoke about the immense human costs our immigration system exacts on churches, families and communities:

Dr. Steven Bezner, Senior Pastor, Houston Northwest Church:
“In a world filled with shrill tones and harsh words, it is more important than ever for the followers of Jesus to faithfully discuss, lead, and engage the important issues of our day. It is thrilling to see Christians working together on the issues of immigration. I’m excited about the possibilities if we work together.”

Pastor Harvey Clemons, Jr., Senior Pastor, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church:
“It is clear to those who are sensitive to human rights issues that there are systemic problems with our current immigration policy. The effect of this failed system impacts families, the economy and psyche of our nation, not to mention our relationship with the creator. For these reasons the faith community must be a light in the midst of the darkness that this policy has perpetuated. We at Pleasant Hill are honored to host the viewing of this film and invite those interested in understanding Scriptures call on this issue to join with us in a time of learning and dialogue.”

Graciela Saenz, Attorney, Saenz & Burkhardt, PLLC:
“Our God wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves. I begin with that premise and put myself in the shoes of those that seek something better in their future. God has blessed me with many opportunities to do this in my own life so I see myself over and over again in the eyes of those that are coming to our great country. I pray that God continues to open my eyes, my ears and my heart to my neighbors. This film seeks to show but a small amount of what God really has in store for us all to know and understand. We should be confident that He will provide us with the tools and wisdom to do what is right and good in His eyes.”

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