Who is Welcome Here?

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By Bri Strensrud

December 12, 2019

This past year, three evangelical women went beyond the headlines and across the southern border to meet their neighbors. All of them were new to the complexities of immigration but felt a sincere call from the Lord to engage in further learning about the issue. For them, this trip to Mexico was the start of a journey to understand God’s heart for the sojourner.

This (7) episode documentary has everything to do with people, and nothing to do with politics. Join their journey and help your family, community and church draw closer to the heart of God for the sojourner.

Companion discussion guides -for small and large groups – are available for free and can be downloaded at WelcomingImmigrants.org . If you have questions on how this new resource could be utilized in your church or community, please reach out to the Welcome. Team at info@welcomingimmigrants.org.




Briana Stensrud is the Director of Welcome. and lives in Colorado, with her two young kiddos and husband of 11 years. Like many moms, her days consist of balancing work, community involvement and quality time with her family. Her passion is to equip the Church to think Biblically and pragmatically about exercising a holistic, comprehensive pro-life worldview. Throughout her work in the pro-life movement, Briana continually faced questions from those concerned about immigrants and refugees.

Welcome. is a community of Christian women committed to creating a movement of Christ-like welcome in our country.

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