While in Our Care: The Heartbreaking Stories of Family Separation

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June 15, 2021

In 2017, “Zero Tolerance,” a policy that separated families at the border, was implemented. The policy continued – tearing apart families and creating unacceptable conditions for children in detention – until public outcry from Christian leaders and others forced the administration to change course. In response to this tragedy, Women of Welcome, a community of Christian women, created the While in Our Care project. This series of videos shares stories directly impacted by the zero-tolerance policy through a collection of testimonies from children held in custody of the US government. In 8 videos, viewers listen to these hard-to-hear testimonies read by Christian women. In the last video, these women discuss what they’ve read and what we can all do to keep this from happening again. Below are the first 2 videos from While in Our Care:

The remaining 7 videos, along with more information and ways to get involved on this issue, can be found here.

Women of Welcome is a community dedicated to diving into the whole of scripture to understand God’s heart for the immigrant and refugee.

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