On Human Dignity: Briana Stensrud on standing up for the vulnerable

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Audio and Description come from the Ethic and Religious Liberty Council’s Capitol Conversations

February 11, 2019

features Bri Stensrud, interviewed by Jeff Pickering

Show Notes

We open 2020 with a month-long series On Human Dignity exploring the implications of this theological truth on life, ministry, and the public square.

On this week’s episode, we continue the conversation by welcoming a longtime friend of the ERLC, Briana Stensrud to share her stories of standing up for the vulnerable. Her career is a testament for how the human dignity ethic connects to more issues than you may think.

Guest Biography

Briana Stensrud is the Director of Welcome and lives in Colorado, with her two kids and husband of 11 years. Like many moms, her days consist of balancing work, community involvement and quality time with her family. (Moms with littles know that’s professional speak for strategically muting your phone during conference calls, constantly reheating coffee and taking the kids to Chick-Fil-A, a lot). Her passion is to equip the Church to think biblically and pragmatically about exercising a holistic, comprehensive pro-life worldview. Throughout her work in the pro-life movement, Briana continually faced questions from those concerned about immigrants and refugees. Understanding that many concerns were rooted in fear and misinformation, she started a journey to re-discover God’s heart for the sojourner. She holds a degree in communications from Iowa State University and a Masters of Biblical & Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.


Jeff PickeringJeff Pickering serves as associate policy communications director in the Washington, D.C. office for the ERLC. In this role, he hosts the weekly Capitol Conversations podcast, develops communications strategy, and connects journalists with the organization’s policy work.

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