Jenny Yang Stands Strong in the Midst of a Moral Sea Change

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Features Jenny Yang, interviewed by Esau McCaulley

May 4, 2020

Immigration hasn’t always been as controversial as it is now. In the past, churches seemed to agree that any opportunity to bring the gospel to the foreigner would be welcomed. But in the last several years, Jenny Yang has found herself in the midst of a great transition.

So, how has Yang, the Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Policy at World Relief and author of Welcoming the Stranger, coped with the church’s moral whiplash? By focusing on reassessing assumptions. “I’m hopeful despite all of this,” says Yang, “because my sense is that this is perhaps a season that’s giving us, as a church, time to reflect on what we really believe about the role of the church, not just in ministry but [also in] political engagement.”


The January Series of Calvin College - Jenny Yang, January 8, 2013

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Jenny Yang provides oversight for all advocacy initiatives and policy positions at World Relief. She has worked in the Resettlement section of World Relief as the Senior Case Manager and East Asia Program Officer, where she focused on advocacy for refugees in the East Asia region and managed the entire refugee caseload for World Relief.

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