Thinking Biblically About Immigrants and Immigration Reform

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For evangelical Christians, our approach to immigrants and to immigration policy should be guided first and foremost by the Bible. Watch and share these six videos exploring how biblical principles should guide our thinking – and then download your free e-book and take the experiential learning journey to dive deeper.

If you agree with our approach in these videos, please consider signing on to the Evangelical Immigration Table Statement of Principles here.

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After you download the e-book, take the experiential learning journey here.

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  • Donald Barnes

    This is helpful. It is a quiet,reasonable place where we can let God confront us with the complexity of the problem, illuminated by the light of HIs Word and His Love. Let us pray that that that Light will show us a path forward…for all of us.

  • Fatuma Peterson

    Thanks for sharing light on this Very important issue and our roles and responsibilities as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am an African American from West Africa-Liberia, and a Christian. I sometimes struggle with my faith as I hear Christians speak evil of immigrants. Christian immigrants are being verbally prosecuted by Christians!😏

  • Shari Draayer

    ICE needs to become accountanle to tax payers. They are not currently accountable to any of the 3 branches of government. It can take decades to enter our country legally and cost thousands of dollars. This is not justice. It is not welcoming strangers into our land and treating them like family. ICE does not use our tax dollars/their funding efficiently or effectively. Somehow, we need to address these and other ungodly issues such as family separation at the root. I believe God is calling us to do so. Thank you for beginning that process woth these belief proclamations!!

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