Dr. Jim Goodroe – Stranger Things Will Happen

Stranger Things Will Happen Dr. Jim Goodroe, former Director of Missions, Spartanburg County Baptist Network Main Text: Matthew 25:31-46 Big Picture: What determines whether you will be called out of heaven, or be safe to get in? The Context: Matthew 25:31-46 Who: the Son of Man, which Jesus uses to describe himself thirty times in the book of Matthew (Matthew 25:31) When: […]

Matthew Soerens – Immigration: Opportunity or Threat

Immigration: Opportunity or Threat? Matthew Soerens, National Coordinator, Evangelical Immigration Table Main Texts: The stories of the Pharaohs in the times of Joseph (Genesis 37-47) and Moses (Exodus 1) Big Picture: While some people, including some within the Church, see the arrival of immigrants as a threat, Scripture challenges us to see immigration as an opportunity to “make disciples of […]

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