April 2, 2020 Prayer Partner: Resources and Prayer in the Midst of the Crisis

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Dear friends,

In this challenging and unprecedented season, many are working tirelessly in “essential” jobs to care for the sick, ensure that we all still have food to eat and maintain public safety. Others are trying their best to continue their normal work from their homes, often while also trying to teach (or at least supervise) children who are not in school. Others have jobs that cannot really be done from home, so they’re anxious to know how their employment will continue. And still others have been let go from their jobs altogether and are worried about making their next rent or mortgage payment and feeding their families.

These concerns are affecting us all, but immigrants and refugees are often uniquely vulnerable during a pandemic. We wanted to pass on a few resources that we think you might find helpful.

  • FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES: Our partners at Welcome have prepared a toolkit for families to encourage distinctly Christian thinking about issues of hospitality and immigration, including coloring pages, a book list, prayer journal pages and more.
  • LISTEN (all available on all major podcast platforms):
    • The Beyond Soundbites podcast from the Refugee Highway Partnership North America has a new episode focused on how COVID-19 is affecting asylum seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border
    • Jenny Yang talks about immigration issues on The Disrupters podcast
    • Matthew Soerens discusses an Evangelical Call for Restitution-Based Immigration Reform on The Holy Post podcast

While this pandemic is affecting different people in different ways, no one is unaffected. We’ve already asked you to be praying for the vulnerable in the midst of this pandemic, but please know that we’re also praying for you, even as we send this email, and are eager to help support you in any way that we can. If there are specific ways we can pray for you and your community during this season, please reply and let us know.

In Christ,

The Evangelical Immigration Table

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