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Demographic Shifts, Biblical Ideals Contribute to Evangelical Immigration Stance

16 May 2013


JUDY WOODRUFF: Now we continue our examination of immigration reform, as lawmakers consider legislation to overhaul the system in Washington.

Ray Suarez has our report from Colorado, exploring how the evangelical community is advocating for changing how the country handles undocumented immigrants.

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Colorado evangelicals cite Bible as they embrace immigration reform

14 February 2013

Citing a new focus on biblical passages that call for Christians to treat foreigners and strangers well, Colorado evangelicals are turning into a potent force in the push for immigration reform.

Focus on the Family and some of the 200-plus lesser-known evangelical groups and congregations in Colorado have become surprise lobbyers for controversial reforms that include allowing immigrants to remain in the country.

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Conservative evangelical Christians sign on for immigration overhaul pitch

20 February 2013

AUSTIN — After years of silence and even hostility to modifying immigration laws, conservative evangelical Christians have become unlikely allies in pressing for a path to citizenship for those here illegally because, they say, the Bible told them so.

A coalition of religious leaders in Texas and elsewhere, many with strong credentials as social conservatives, is engaging congregations in a coordinated call for Congress and the White House to deal with 11 million illegal immigrants.

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Evangelical Groups Call for New Stance on Illegal Immigration


Some of the nation’s most influential evangelical groups urged a solution to illegal immigration on Tuesday that defies the harsh rhetoric of the Republican primary race, which continues to undermine Mitt Romney’s appeal to Hispanic voters.

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