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Dear friends,

Many of you have probably heard what has unfolded over the past several days at the border between Tijuana, Mexico and California. The port of entry at San Ysidro – which has been the focus of news reports as some members of a migrant “caravan” came into conflict with Border Patrol – is an 11 minute drive from our house in San Diego. As a pastor trying my best to follow Jesus’ call to be a peacemaker, it’s a heartbreaking moment.

I was personally in Tijuana multiple times this past week. On Saturday evening, my wife and I had our four sleeping kids in the back of the minivan as we waited to cross the border back into the U.S. after a great afternoon south of the border. While many migrant families, including many with kids the same ages as ours, were on the streets and in massive shelters awaiting their opportunity to legally request asylum at the U.S. Port of Entry, it wasn’t much different than most evenings on the border. But, after being told they may need to wait months or even longer to present their requests for asylum, many are feeling discouraged and desperate. (To understand the U.S. asylum laws that most of these people say they want to avail themselves of, here’s a helpful article, and for a detailed explanation of the relatively new “metering” policy that is requiring people to wait at the border for their chance to request asylum, here’s a detailed explanation).

I’m a pastor and a peacemaker, not a policy expert. I don’t know all the solutions to the situation. But I do know we can and should be fervent in prayer at this moment.

Specifically, I’d ask you to pray for collective discernment for those on the ground (on both sides of border) right now. I am friends with the local leadership in the Border Patrol and with Mexican leaders in Tijuana who are caring for the migrants. I have gotten to know some of these mostly-Central American migrant families and individuals. They all need our prayers.

Pray also for Christ-followers on the ground who are seeking to faithfully follow Jesus in this moment. We know that peace is not passive: it is costly and will require we move toward the conflict with tools to heal rather than to destroy. There are many in local churches on both sides of the border – and among those who have traveled north from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador – seeking to live this out. If you’re interested in participating in a tangible response at the border, we invite you to take action as you feel led.

As we enter the Advent season and prepare to celebrate Christ’s coming, let’s all commit ourselves to praying for peace in the midst of the chaos and violence of our world.

Jon Huckins
Co-Founding Director
The Global Immersion Project

P.S. If you’d like to come learn more about what peacemaking looks like at the border, I’d invite you to consider joining me and my colleagues with the Global Immersion Project for an immersion experience in Tijuana and San Diego. Learn more here.

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