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Colorado evangelicals cite Bible as they embrace immigration reform

14 February 2013

Citing a new focus on biblical passages that call for Christians to treat foreigners and strangers well, Colorado evangelicals are turning into a potent force in the push for immigration reform.

Focus on the Family and some of the 200-plus lesser-known evangelical groups and congregations in Colorado have become surprise lobbyers for controversial reforms that include allowing immigrants to remain in the country.

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Conservative evangelical Christians sign on for immigration overhaul pitch

20 February 2013

AUSTIN — After years of silence and even hostility to modifying immigration laws, conservative evangelical Christians have become unlikely allies in pressing for a path to citizenship for those here illegally because, they say, the Bible told them so.

A coalition of religious leaders in Texas and elsewhere, many with strong credentials as social conservatives, is engaging congregations in a coordinated call for Congress and the White House to deal with 11 million illegal immigrants.

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